The Lights of Wenmirth

12/11/2016 Session Notes

Time to explore the keep! Going by the towers, from biggest to littlest. The cavern, which is very spacious, has an entrance to the top floor of each tower.

           Biggest Tower, dubbed Tower Tallboi: the top floor has three rooms and a storage room. Going down a floor, there are three rooms, two of which have closets, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room (With fireplace!), a pantry, and a WC. There is a bathtub, and a hole which exists for obvious reasons. The dining area has a table in it, which is broken, however by my estimate, we should be able to fix it ourselves. Down to the bottom floor, there are seven bedrooms (one for every day of the week!), another WC, and a storage area under the stairs. There are places on the walls to hang stuff, and areas for sconces. There is the balcony on the middle floor, which we used to enter, and leads to the middle floor of the middlest tower.

            Going to the middlest tower, dubbed Tower Bartannus-y (after something I said, for reasons unknown), the top floor connects to Tower Tallboi via a scaffolding, which has places marked for ballista, and the room itself holds an arboretum, the plants inside long dead and rotten. Down a floor, it is a large area with arcane symbols scrawled on the walls and floor. Phallo fucks around in there. The bottom floor smells must, and appears to have been a library. There seems to have been a fire here, the bookshelves burned a bit (though still usable), and the books have all been burned. From what's left of them, they appear to have been history books and books on the arcane. There are two rooms down here, one which appears to be a study, the other a workshop, with a metal table, and various tools. (Maybe we can fix the dining table here?)

            For the littlest tower, dubbed Tower Pyre, starting at the top, is a war room. There is a table in the middle, old, rusted weapons on the floor and walls, and a map of Bartannus. The map is dated 1040, two years into the war between Cal Bweneth and Bartannus. The staircase goes down what seems to be two floors; the room it leads into is indeed two floors high. In the middle is a giant…thing. It looks a bit like the Automatons we fought before, and reminds me a bit of the Bird. There is a square sigil around it; looking at it, I recognize it from my religious studies as a common, but very powerful spell of holding. The Automaton is inactive, and as far as I can tell, though the spell would hold it in, it would not turn it off (Best be careful about fucking with it, last thing we need is some big fuck-off Automaton killing us).

            There is one more floor in the littlest tower, but to get to it, I have to head to the mid floor of the middlest tower; there is a staircase on the balcony, spiraling around and around. It leads to a tunnel, which in turn leads to a dungeon. There are four cells, thankfully empty.

I head back up to the rest of the group, hanging out in the caverns, where Arter has been dragging junk out of the tower and dumping it there, to be dealt with later. On the way up, the sconces on the walls flicker on, which freaks Arter right the hell out. This is Phallo's doing, as we will soon find out.

            Some inventory management is done, cleaning out the Bag of Holding a bit (Yoam's head, very rotten, and somewhat liquid inside of it's cloth wrappings, is removed. No one throws up, thankfully. I throw it in a far corner, and set it on fire. It doesn't do much to improve the smell, but at least it's gone. The skull remains). Phallo comes up at some point, and we learn about the lights; Phallo takes us (minus Elle and Salthor) down to the seals room, in the middlest tower. Phallo shows us how we can turn the lights off and on, by touching a sigil on the wall. We have fun flickering the lights on and off (Here, a suggestion is made to full on scooby-doo this shit, and make it seem like the place is haunted to the townsfolk. Some of y'all may have been joking, but I am 100% serious and on board with this idea). As well, Phallo figures out how to get us in and out via his magic chalk, drawing runes on the floor to open a portal, which dumps us right outside the tower we were in. (It will take him about three minutes to draw these runes, with possibly disastrous effects if it is done wrong, though we do not know this. He could in theory teleport us back over long distances, however this will exhaust him). We end up dubbing the keep…Fort Noeppe.

            We, that is, Arter, Sven, Phallo, and I, head into town, having to take the long way in due to the middle island being blocked off by Bartannus soldiers. We hear whispers from the townsfolk. Why is Bartannus here? Boldorn is a neutral state, basically its own sovereignty, though it is allied with Adukh-Arad. We head to the marketplace; I do some shopping of my own, and then break off from the group to find a temple of Dutheth. I spend the rest of the day there, and into the night, meditating and doing some serious self-reflection.

            Arter heads to the docks to find work. He has a sad time, thinking about the fact that he can no longer enjoy sailing due to his curse. He finds a job hauling goods from a recently arrived cargo ship, hoping to bury himself in his work. He gets 20 gold for it, and is offered more work by the captain, while they are in town, which is about 5 days.

            Sven does some shopping as well, and then goes to find a bookstore; it is, surprise, also closed down by Bartannus. Sven heads to the Dragonfly Inn, and talks to the barkeep. She asks about news in town; the barkeep says that Bartannus has no right to be in town, and that they have closed down all avenues of arcane knowledge. She doesn't know why they would fear it; things haven't been exactly perfect up in the North, but she tries to stay out of it. It's the nice thing about Boldorn, she says, they're not a part of anything big. Sven mentions that it is strange that Bartannus would try to withhold knowledge. The barkeep agrees, but she supposes only time will tell. As Sven pays for her drink, she sees customers come in, some of which are Bartannus soldiers. She takes a table nearby them, and tries to listen in. Unfortunately, a glass breaks nearby, and it distracts her; by the time she can hear them again, they've moved on to only small talk.

            Phallo finds an odd store full of weird stuff. He finds these weird things called songstones, which play music that only he can hear; he buys three of them, and gets some advice on where to get his violin fixed. He also buys a flute.

            Phallo heads to the Dragonfly, and buys drinks for everyone for the night, and starts playing for the patrons. Sven leaves around this time, trying to follow some soldiers. Her first few attempts fail to provide anything of interest, but on her third tailing, she follows them into the residential area. The soldiers enter a large mansion; there are tents in the yard, more Bartannus solders camped out, and there are guards posted at the entrance. Not knowing who the mansion belongs do, she heads back to the Dragonfly.

            The patrons really like Phallo, and he turns out to be very popular with one of Elle's siblings. Arter, meanwhile, has headed to the base of the keep, where the portal spat us out, stewing in his anger. He intends to wait for Phallo to turn out. Back at the Dragonfly, everyone is very drunk, Phallo included. Sven tries to talk to some drunk Bartannus soldiers, but doesn't get very far. Phallo gets a bit further, and they seem to imply that Boldorn may come under Bartannus rule soon. Phallo pushes his luck too far, and they become suspicious of him. They tell him he needs to leave, but as they do not own this place, Phallo disregards this, and heads back to the bar. The Bartannus soldiers leave, and Phallo warns the owner to be careful of the soldiers, as they may try to start trouble.

            Phallo gets a room at the inn, as does Sven. Arter falls asleep in the woods after punching a load of trees, unperturbed by the cold. Phallo wakes up, hungover as all hell…and not in the room he got, instead waking up in bed with one of Elle's sisters, Qiri, having absolutely slept with her. They are in the home next to the inn that the family lives in, and he has breakfast with them, very much being treated as one of the family now (They might be engaged? It's hard to tell when Pablo is joking sometimes).

            I finish my meditation, having achieved what I came to do, and feeling content for the first time in a long while, realizing that this was the thing I was supposed to be doing, all this time (In plain speak: I changed my divine domain, y'all). I leave the temple, and join up with Sven and Phallo, to head back to the keep.

            We find Arter there, sleeping sitting up, and covered in frost. The moment he sees Phallo, he decks him; Phallo, very hungover, goes down like a sack of bricks, unconscious. Arter is, understandably, pissed at having been left to sleep outside, not knowing where Phallo and Sven were. I wake Phallo up, curing his hangover; what follows is some real good Shenanigans™, where Phallo tries to ask Arter for advice on what to do about the situation with Elle's sister. Arter, even angrier at the realization that this is what Phallo was doing while Arter slept in the cold, has to call Sven over so she can stop him from kicking Phallo's ass. She drags him away, and we all port into the keep. While we were away, Elle and Salthor spent time cleaning it up, having cleaned up two of the bedrooms in Tower Tallboi's basement, the WC down there, and some of the kitchen and dining area.

            The session ends there.


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