The Lights of Wenmirth

12/4/2016 Session Notes

           The next morning, Salthor and I sit at the inn to wait for the woman he is meeting. When she comes in, Phallo is weirdly dramatic about it, and remains as such for the majority of the meeting. She sits at the table with us, and Salthor starts off by asking about her amulet again; it was a keepsake from her mother. Salthor did not know her, though there was some facial recognition when he looked at the woman. (Did we ever get her name?) She asks him what he knows of his kind; he says he didn't grow up with them, or see their better sides. From what he knew, they were people like any other, pretty normal. He doesn't remember if they were very well liked by other races. She says that the appreciation for his kind died away as time passed. Salthor tells her he is from Zekir; she doesn't recognize the name, and intends to check her books for information on it. Asking more about her mother, she says that she was from Boldorn; her mother told her stories about how old she may or may not have been, but she never knew what to think of them, or how old she claimed to be. The woman says she's done her fair share of exploring, that you're not taken seriously as an archaeologist (Is that what she said she was? boy howdy i did not write a lot down this time.), and that she's seen some genuinely crazy things. Her mother claims to have been around during the rebellion, a prisoner, who was freed; Salthor seems to recognize this. Around this time, Cinder runs into the inn, and then under the table; the woman is not overly happy to see the wolf, and ends up leaving, though not before giving Salthor an address he can find her at.

            After some discussion, the majority of us, minus Phallo and Arter, head to the library. As we get there, we see armed soldiers; Bartannus military. Elle is worried they are looking for her, telling us that she is actually a deserter. Salthor and her sneak up to listen in; Sven and I try to get close casually, but fail, and get sent away. Elle and Salthor overhear the soldiers telling a librarian that they want the library closed down, claiming it to be 'dangerous', and the surrounding streets seem to be closed as well.

            Meanwhile, Phallo goes off to find a new animal friend. He ends up finding some sort of weird, feathery mammal thing? He feeds it some berries, and, using magic, tells it he has more food, if it sticks with him. He walks off to find the rest of the group, the creature following him (though it won't go into town, he finds out).

            Elle and Salthor find Sven and I, and tell us what they overheard. It is unusual that Bartannus would try to close down a library, being a people who value knowledge. Elle, in her time as a soldier, had heard some rumblings about the new people running Bartannus, acting different from the usual. She heard people talking in the barracks, wondering why they were doing certain things. She knows that a war with Cal Bweneth is not something most people in Bartannus really want. The higher ups in Bartannus, which is run by a council of many royal families, have changed recently.

            Elle wants to try and get into the library via the sewers; there is disagreement within the party on this plan, and we all opt to head for the university library instead. Of course, there are soldiers blocking the bridge leading to the island the university is on.

            Salthor and Elle approach, trying to get in, or at least get information; both of their attempts unfortunately fail, the soldiers telling them it is none of their business. Discussing on what to do next, we table any attempts to break into libraries, and end up heading to our (?) new keep.

            We explore it for a bit, checking out the many, many rooms. It's certainly dusty, and a bit decrepit, though not falling apart. We check out the tunnel into the mountain; there are a lot of branching paths, and we end up heading back after following a few of them, as there seems to be no end in sight. Elle intends to head back in and start mapping it out. Phallo finds a room with runes in it, and thinks he can make an exit out with his weird magic chalk through here.

            The session ends around this time.


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